Do you suffer from tension, pain, stress or exhaustion?

Are you worried about your own or a closed one’s health?

Is exercising overwhelming? Are you struggling with ergonomics?

Being weary of pain?

Liikkuva is at your service to enhance your overall health. I offer you treatments of a trained massage therapist. 

Help and treatment for tension in soft tissues, myofascial pain, movement limitations, exertion injuries, headaches, mobility, posture and ergonomic issues etc. Also exercising guidance available.

Besides massage, wellness services also include: trigger point treatment, fascia treatment, PNF and MET treatments, TENS, mobilisation and joint treatment, kinesiology taping, mobility enhancing and much more.

Active or casual, older or younger, with injuries or not – no matter! Let’s create a fitting treatment for you together. Welcome!


Well-being starts with small steps!


Anniina Ervasti





Basic info about massage and wellness treatments.

I work as arranged individually, also during evenings and weekends. I’ll be receiving contacts on working days between 8AM and 6PM and I’ll reply to e-mails in 1-2 days. For reasons of patient privacy, I don’t communicate with clients via WhatsApp or other similar applications.

I won’t be taking calls during treatments but I’ll call you back as soon as I can. When having a treatment for the first time, remember to have 5-10min of extra time to fill up a patient form.

Address: Kangasalantie 921, 36200 Kangasala (2nd floor). Buses no. 40, 40A, 40B, 41 and 43 stop nearby. There are parking spots for customer parking on the yard.

Unfortunately, the building is not unobstructed.


Note: Discount prices are only meant for students and unemployed. Other cases are negotiated individually. I receive payments mostly through a payment card. Smartum, Eazybreak, Edenred and ePassi are also available. Due to low level of use, cash payments won’t be available!

Note: Services are also available as gift cards and series cards; every third treatment is half-priced (30min treatments excluded).

Home treatments are possible to arrange with forethought (in 10 km range, 30min treatments excluded). In such case there will be an add-on to the price. Reservations through phone calls only.

Basic treatments: Massage and wellness treatments with various methods and techniques of manual therapy. Symptom-based treatment, mobility guidance, pain treatment etc. 

Massage and wellness Liikkuva

Exclusive treatments: Service for more demanding and defined needs of massage therapy. Treatments for facial muscles, muscular structures of respiratory system, joint problems and biomechanical problems with foot.

Fitting for chronic conditions of pain and injuries. Also fitting for elderly patients.

Massage and wellness Liikkuva, exclusive treatments, prices.